What equipment should be used for loading and unloading work?

- Nov 17, 2017-

What equipment should be used for loading and unloading work?

The main equipment of mining and loading work is all kinds of excavators and earthmoving machinery.

Single bucket excavator and bucket two categories, the most widely used metal mine at home and abroad is the shovel, and to shovel. (1) single bucket excavator single bucket excavator using a bucket for periodic operation of mining machinery. Bucket digging, turning, unloading, returning to a cycle of mining materials. Single bucket excavator is mainly used for digging foundation pit, dredging river channel, stripping topsoil and mining ore.. At work, the machine does not move around, the machine at the stop will dig the material dug after moving a distance, re mining in the new location (Figure 6-14). Single bucket excavator is the main mining machinery in open pit mine, with many types. According to the connection of the working device is different, divided into the shovel and backhoe digging shovel, shovel, pull and grab five; by way of walking crawler and wheel type is divided into two categories; according to the transmission mode of mechanical transmission (mechanical shovel) and hydraulic (hydraulic shovel) two; according to the power plant for motor drive, diesel engine driven (excavator) (diesel shovel) and steam engine (steam shovel) three. At present most of open-pit mine driven by motor and mechanical transmission of the shovel shovel, referred to as. (2) wheel loader wheel loader, also called front end loader, is a new type of open pit mining and loading equipment (Fig 6-15). It consists of a diesel engine and hydraulic transmission, multi-function, light and flexible, can be loaded to the shipping container, and can be self installed, can also be used to clean up the working face and traction load. (3) the effective mining equipment for the continuous mining process of bucket wheel excavator is bucket type multi bucket shovel. It can be combined with belt conveyor to realize continuous mining.

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