What are the safety rules for the hydraulic system of cranes?

- Jul 20, 2017-

① hydraulic system should prevent overload and impact of the safety device, using overflow valve inch, overflow valve pressure should be the system working pressure of 110%;

② hydraulic system should have a good filter or other equipment to prevent oil pollution;

③ hydraulic system, should prevent pressure oil. Measures or devices for speeding;

④ hydraulic system work, hydraulic oil temperature rise should not exceed 40 degrees;

When the ⑤ leg oil cylinder is in the supporting state, the hydraulic control check valve must guarantee the reliable work; when the basic arm is in the minimum working range and the maximum lifting weight is 15min, the back shrinkage of the piston rod of the variable oil cylinder and the outrigger cylinder should not be greater than 15mm;

The ⑥ balance valve must be connected directly or with a steel pipe in a variable oil cylinder, a telescopic oil cylinder and a hydraulic oil motor, and shall not be connected with a hose;

⑦ Manual Reversing valve in the operation of the resistance, should be uniform, no impact beating is

⑧ hydraulic system should be selected according to the design requirements of hydraulic oil;