What are the main mining equipment in open pit mine?

- Nov 17, 2017-

What are the main mining equipment in open pit mine?

In the process of open-pit mining, it mainly includes four production processes

Loose work of ore and rock. Simply speaking, it's blasting. The ore and rock on the bench are loosened and broken by blasting or mechanical methods, so as to be suitable for excavation of mining equipment.

Loading and unloading work. It is the core of open pit mining to excavate loose ore and rock on the steps into the transport equipment.

Transportation work. That will be transported to the field, reserve ore heap for transportation equipment, transported to the waste dump.

Unloading work. Ore and rock unloading work who quit work.

Generally speaking, open pit mining includes four main links: wearing, mining, transportation and drainage. It is boring blasting, mining, transportation, dumping, and sometimes drainage, after mining, we must also consider environmental governance. Then complete these processes need what equipment does not have special requirements, but now traffic generally has DTH Drill, auger, various explosives (mixed car etc.), electric shovel, hydraulic excavator, bulldozer, shovel, truck, grader and so on, if the use of new technology, is encouraged by the state, but must pass audit.

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