What about the automatic flameout of the crane

- Jul 20, 2017-

Check the work of the pump, should be in the diesel pipeline unimpeded, sealed without air conditions. Loosen the gas release screw on the fuel injection pump during the inspection, and look at the flow of the gas screw at the same time as the starting button of the diesel engine is pressed.

such as diesel injection out, indicating that the oil pump is working properly, if the fuel injection is not smooth or not fuel injection, that is to say pump oil poor or not pump oil.


First, check the piston and pump body, with the hand to push the tappet parts and pistons should not feel stuck, if there is a card lag phenomenon, need to clean the piston, and check the piston should not rust, scratches and other phenomena;

Second, check the push rod stroke is within the specified scope, if not meet the requirements to replace the new putter;

Third, to enter, out of the valve overhaul, into and out of the valve wear or even close lax, will make the oil pump oil and pumping capacity decreased, and even can not be injected into the fuel pump. To this end, the repair or replacement should be determined according to its wear condition, usually with slight abrasion.

Four, is the adversary oil pump overhaul, also is eliminates the card lag, repairs wears and seals.

4. Diesel filter plug to diagnose its failure exists, can be diesel filter or fuel injection pump on the release of the gas plug loose, and then pump oil with the hand pump. If there is oil outflow, it is the high pressure circuit fault, if no oil outflow, then the low pressure circuit fault. To this end, should be washed and washed diesel oil filter or repair the failure of the circuit.

5. The diesel engine's friction resistance is too large, such as the diesel engine bearing damage, pulls the cylinder, holds the axle and so on all can affect the diesel oil automatic flameout.

The so-called cylinder is the appearance of microscopic metal adhesion, melting, peeling and tearing in the inner surface of the cylinder wall.

The cylinder is not only easy to cause the piston and cylinder liner to increase the clearance, gas tightness, but also will make the gas into the crankcase, so that the pressure increased, causing oil leakage and burn loss, engine power drop, fuel consumption increased, automatic flameout and start-up difficulties.