Treatment method of crane hook after rotation

- Jul 20, 2017-

The treatment method of the hook rotation after the hook rotation, the hook on the wire rope kink together, at this time can no longer carry out the landing hook operation, otherwise it is possible to make one of the wire rope is too large and damaged, you can take the following methods:

(1) In the case of heavy lift and crane performance, you can use the variable amplitude method to put down the weight, and then turn the hook.

(2) If the weight has been lifted off the ground is very high, then can only find a way near the surrounding buildings to swing the hook.

(3) After the hook is rotated, the torque inside the wire rope should be released, the specific method is: Put the hook on the ground, to unlock the fixed end of the wire rope, according to the number of rings of the hook rotation m times the number of the wire rope to the base K (depending on the actual situation can be increase or decrease), according to the wire rope strands twist direction of the inverse, rotating the end of the wire rope release torque, and then install The lifting arm to the maximum elevation, repeat the landing hook several times to check the effect, you can repeat the above steps until the hook stability.