The use of slewing bearing for truck crane

- Jul 20, 2017-

(1) According to the operation condition of slewing bearing. Select an oily interval. General ball support. 1 Loo hour lubrication per operation

The column is supported, lubricated 1 times every 500 hours; the continuous working truck crane in the high-temperature and dusty environment shall shorten the lubrication interval according to the bad degree of the environment.

(2) The oil plays the role of sealing and reducing friction and anti-corrosion. Grease should be added when adding lubricant, such as Labyrinth seal, so that Shan grease should overflow from labyrinth structure.

(3) Grease must be evenly distributed, when the lubrication of the grease, to start the crane to make the slewing mechanism slow rotation.

(4) To prevent steam or other liquids from entering the channel when cleaning the cranes.

(5) When the truck crane is stopped for a long time, the slewing bearing is oily.

(6) After a period of time, the truck crane needs to tighten the Wen Cheng bolts to the specified

Torque value. Time interval one glue for 3 months. If the load is heavier, the inspection cycle should be shortened.