Prevention and avoidance measures of crane hook rotation phenomenon

- Jul 20, 2017-

In the actual work can take the following measures to improve the stability of the hook to reduce the possibility of hook rotation:

(1) When using a hook with multiple pulleys, use the outside pulley as much as possible with the pulley on the boom;

(2) When the crane has multiple hooks, the pulley diameter should be used as much as possible;

(3) steel wire rope to use the number of numbers as far as possible;

(4) in the wear-around wire rope, the top section of the boom pulley and hook pulley do not stagger too much, reduce the hook when the wire rope to the hook generated horizontal rotation force;

(5) In the hoisting process, as far as possible to reduce the length of the hanging arm and hook between the wire rope, such as the use of a larger span and other methods;

(6) Hoisting, to use the rope, so that the crane can be controlled, if the elevation ratio is higher, and the hook in place does not need to rotate, you can lock the hook;

(7) Hoisting, the driver should be smooth operation, landing hook and rotation action not at the same time;

(8) when purchasing steel wire rope, when other conditions are satisfied, choose "not to rotate" wire rope as far as possible;

(9) When the wire rope of the crane is used for a period of time, the torque inside the rope is to be put through or untied.