Knowledge of maintenance of forklift tires

- May 26, 2018-

The correct maintenance methods of forklift tyres:

1. Barometric pressure

1) pneumatic tyres should be inflated according to the "air pressure load corresponding table" specified in the current national standards.

2) after the tire is inflated, check whether the parts are leaking or not. If the leak is found, they should be repaired in time.

3) the internal pressure of the tire must be guaranteed to be normal in use.  When operating or operating for a long time, the tire pressure should be checked regularly; the front and rear axles must be erected when stopping for a long time.

4) the air pressure is high, the tire is easy to grind the crown and the crown burst, the air pressure is low, the tire is easy to deform and crush.

5) when the twin tire is fitted, the inflation of the two tire should be consistent, not one high pressure and one low air pressure.

Two. Inner tube

1) match the inner tube according to the specification of forklift tire.

2) if the inner tube leaks, it will cause premature damage to the tire.

3) Ding Ji rubber inner tube is high temperature resistant and airtight, and high-speed tire (inner tube) should be equipped with Ding Ji rubber inner tube.

4) if the inner tube needs to be stored separately, it should be filled with a suitable amount of air and should not be folded flat or stacked.

Three. Refurbishment:

1) check the usage of forklift tires regularly. If damage is found, it should be repaired immediately.

2) when the tread is worn to wear marks, it should be stopped for renovation.

3) in order to ensure the safety of driving, retreading tyres are not allowed to be used as steering wheels (front wheels).