Hydraulic systems for Cranes--compliance matters

- Jul 20, 2017-

1, before the operation, should be determined by the oil tank liquid level window whether the hydraulic oil in accordance with the provisions of the foot, below the prescribed line, it must be supplemented. Refueling, must go through refueling screen injection, and very careful not to infiltrate different grades of oil or water and other impure characteristics.

2, filter cartridge after working 250h, should be inspected, if necessary, cleaning or replacement.

3, the hydraulic system of various valves in the factory has been fully tested, and has adjusted the pressure and flow, must not touch casually.

4, all kinds of parts, especially hydraulic system devices, should not be dirt attached. After the homework, be sure to clean up the dust and grease.

5, the hydraulic tank should be every half a month from the bottom of the oil outlet to clear water and impurities once, and every one years (or work full 2000h) to replace all hydraulic oil (in the case of oil has not deteriorated, can be appropriate to extend the oil change cycle). When the crane is operating in a particularly harsh environment, the replacement cycle of the oil should be shortened correspondingly.