How should the Small Concrete Pump Truck be cleaned after the operation of the pump?

- Feb 06, 2018-

How should the Small Concrete Pump Truck be cleaned after the operation of the pump?

As a common mechanical equipment, the cleaning of Small Concrete Pump Truck is also very important. If there is no  Concrete Pump Truck timely treatment of dirt residues of words, it can be very easy to leave a layer to clean up sludge, which could easily lead to aging equipment, hydraulic tubing, concrete pump in the work, it will leave a lot of dirt, if not clean it will affect the equipment the service life. So how do we clean up the Small Concrete Pump Truck?

1) check the cutting wear between the ring and the glasses plate, this is the key to decide the success or failure of the cleaning water directly if the cutting ring and eye wear plate is not serious, the cutting ring and the eye plate spacing is less than 0.1mm, and no more than 1mm trench scratches, water law can be used directly.

2) after sending the concrete to the concrete delivery pump, pump 0.15 to 0.25m\+3 mortar with a water cement ratio of 1: 1.5 or 1: 2, then fill up the water in the distributing valve, start the pump, send the Small Concrete Pump Truck to the casting place until the outlet of the delivery pipe flows out of the clear water. If the pipe is short and the cleaning effect is good, then the cleaning process ends.

3) when the pipe is long or the cleaning effect is not good, the hopper unloading door is opened, the reverse pump is opened, and the hopper and distribution valve are washed clean. Such as pumping up and the height of more than 20m, can use the bottom part of vertical pipe percussion mallets, percussion sound if low, need to bend apart, the accumulation of large aggregates may be poured out.

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