How is the battery failure of the forklift?

- May 26, 2018-

The battery of a forklift truck believes that people who have used it should know that it will fail after being used for a long time. In general, some failures may be varied, but the most basic reason is the following possible, let the joint forklift to tell you.

1, long-term storage: more than 3 months to form a clear vulcanization. If the storage period is more than 6 months, the battery capacity may fall to 70%, if the storage period to 1 years, the battery is basically scrapped;

2, excessive use: in actual use, because of prolonged use, and not timely charging, generally within 12 hours will appear obvious vulcanization;

3, excessive discharge short circuit and environmental factors cause the battery to be in a semi discharge state for a long time, resulting in excessive discharge.

4, the electrolyte density is too high: after high temperature dehydration, if the water can not be replenish in time, the electrolyte density will be too high.

5, low liquid level: long term storage or loss of water caused by the exposure of the plate, causing the liquid level to be too low to expose the plate.