Development of intelligent Underground Mining Equipment in foreign countries

- Feb 23, 2018-

Development of intelligent Underground Mining Equipment in foreign countries

From the view of the world, Kiruna iron mine in Sweden and Canada International Nickel Mine is two typical mining equipment rely on progress to improve the mining efficiency and promote the steady development of mines. In Kiruna iron mine as an example, although the long-term exploitation of the mine mining conditions became worse, but its annual production capacity has been maintained at more than 10 million tons, although with a level of management factors, but the equipment and mining technology is the most basic and most important factors. In 1983, Kiruna iron ore sublevel caving sublevel height is 12M, the use of Atlas Copco (Atllas Copco) Cat980 diesel company 57mm hole diameter Simba323 type pneumatic Jumbo drilling, 8t loader bucket loader. The height of sublevel caving has increased to 30m, the main drilling with heavy hydraulic drill hole or hydraulic drilling rig, drilling diameter 115mm, 85% by volume of ore bucket capacity is 15 ~ 25t Electric Loader loading, loading operation from 5 days a week to 7 days using some night shift working area.

In addition, many foreign companies active in the application of remote control technology in metal mines, such as Sweden LKAB company in the Underground Mining Equipment, using advanced remote control technology, 1 people can control 3 scraper operation at the same time; Canada INCO's use of underground communication, positioning and orientation and process of remote monitoring technology, mining equipment and technology system, has the successful development of drilling, blasting, shovel and shotcrete of the remote control technology. With the great progress of telemetry, data communication, data processing and manipulator, remote control technology will become a common feature of mining in the future.

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