Analysis of wear reason of automobile hanging motor

- Jul 20, 2017-

In this case, from the fault judgment of thinking, it should be thought of is the hydraulic motor and reversing valve wear. However, because the friction speed of the motor friction pair and cumulative friction distance should be far greater than the reversing valve, so the first consideration is the motor wear. The general use of the winch motor for the axial column piston, causing serious motor leakage of the main reasons are as follows:

1. The cylinder body and the flow plate joint wear

2. Drive Axle BEARING Wear

3. The pressure tightness of the cylinder pressure spring is insufficient

4. Plunger and cylinder body hole wear

5. Damage of Plunger Slipper

The top three causes of the lifting can cause the pressure between the flow plate and the cylinder body to be insufficient, the seal is not strict, which is the main reason causing the serious internal leakage of the motor and the insufficient driving force. After the reasons are identified, repairs are required for the above project.

Hydraulic pump wear serious, resulting in serious internal leakage and the system pressure is reduced, the overhaul essentials and hydraulic motor similar, should replace or repair the flow plate; drive axle bearing inspection if loose, wear serious to be replaced; cylinder compression spring can be measured with the eyes or with the steel gauge, check the natural return of the spring size, in the check is broken, there are problems to replace the spring.