Minitype Mixer Truck

Minitype Mixer Truck

Concrete mixer truck: 1.Four-point full-suspension cab. 2.Stamping of high strength. 3.Imports of main oil pump. 4.Imported reducer,motor. 5.High capacity water tank is equipped for real time cleaning during working on the site,rest,and other spare time.

Product Details


Minitype mixer truck:

Minitype mixer truck Engine advantages: pressurized 140 horsepower five turbocharged engine emission standard, engine power strong, faster promotion, more economical, environmental protection and no pollution

Gearbox advantages: 8 gear gearbox, heavy torque, fast climbing, high quality, light operation

Car sedan advantage: the vehicle is equipped with high strength rear axle, strong bearing capacity, no disassembly and maintenance, save money and save money

Advantage of tank body in stirred tank

Mixer reducer: international import brand quality, stable operation, low failure rate

Mixer hydraulic system: all of the international well-known hydraulic system, the tank operation is more stable, the unloading speed is faster, the residual rate is low!

Supporting facilities: the vehicle is convenient to feed and unload, the speed is fast, the multi-function operation way, more time saving and labor saving!

After-sales service: Tank reducer three packages service one year or 30 thousand kilometres