Inner Creeping Concrete Placing Boom

Inner Creeping Concrete Placing Boom

Concrete placing boom: 1) The placing boom has three foldable sections, wich can swing through 360 degrees while luffing, folding/unfolding, thus allowing it to place concrete to form walls, pipes , columns , piles and other vertical structures without confined placement areas. 2) The boom...
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Inner creeping Concrete Placing Boom:

The Inner creeping Concrete Placing Boom is used for the material equipment of the concrete construction in the high-rise building. The distributor is fixed in the elevator shaft, and the automatic climbing mechanism is equipped. The hydraulic cylinder is lifted up and automatically climbed in the elevator shaft, so that the distributor can rise with the rise of the floor, saving time and labor and efficiency.

The Inner creeping Concrete Placing Boom is the terminal equipment for pumping concrete, the function of which is to send the pump pressure concrete to the template for the construction of the components through the pipe.

The concrete fabric machine is a new product developed for expanding the scope of concrete pouring and improving the mechanization level of pumping construction. It is the supporting equipment of the concrete pump, which is connected with the concrete pump, and enlarges the pumping range of the concrete. It has effectively solved the problem of wall pouring material, and has played an important role in improving the construction efficiency and reducing the labor intensity. The distributor is reasonable in design, stable and reliable in structure, and adopts the 360 degree full rotary arm rack fabric structure. The machine is easy to operate and flexible in rotation, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, economy and practicality.