Fast Loading Concrete Mixing Plant

Fast Loading Concrete Mixing Plant

Concrete mixing plant: 1. Multipoint arranged air reserve system can guarantee the sufficient system pressure. 2. Unique octagon powder lot weighting hopper can discharge the filler thoroughly. 3. The weight-sensitive aggregate midway vat can real-time detect the aggregate filling condition. 4....
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Fast loading Concrete Mixing Plant is a joint device mixing concrete, mechanical automatic degree is higher, the productivity is high, and can guarantee the quality of concrete and save cement, with the construction of new countryside centralized mixing more environmentally friendly, in the construction process, schedule, cost, quality has the absolute advantage of market prospects.


Main technical features:

1. German technology mainframe, energy saving, high efficiency, concrete quality better.

2. mainframe uses the imported bfli speed reducer.

3. the German technology double floating oil seal ring design, the shaft end seal life long.

4. control software, the function is more powerful, can realize the operation and management of the whole set of concrete equipment.

5.The dynamic feeding technique of aggregate points and the function of automatic deduction are high in dynamic measurement.

6. powder material fast and slow feeding function dynamic measurement precision is high.

7. complete automatic control of industrial computer, with high quality weighing instrument, the precision of burden control is high.

8. of Germany's SIEMENS electrical components, Taiwan EVOC industrial PC, advanced manufacturing technology, stable performance, reliable use.

9. the modular design is used, and the installation and debugging are simple and convenient.

10. mixer maintenance channel is equipped with open power protection, and the operation is safe and reliable.

11. system adopts special sealing structure, with good sealing, less dust and good working condition

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